10 WordPress Plugins To Turn Your Site Into An SEO Powerhouse (8)

It flags the content management system has scored extraordinary distinction for fluctuated measure businesses, rather than turning into the inclination of just SMEs. If you’re not familiar with autoloading, it’s a system that lets PHP automatically load PHP files for you. You can’t work with some of the popular PHP libraries like Guzzle.

What other steps do you think could be taken to make WordPress a modern PHP project? There have been a few Trac tickets to add some sort of autoloader support to WordPress. One cool part of WordPress support is the ability to contact support staff as well as other members of the forum. Install a lightweight WordPress container with OpenLiteSpeed Edge or Stable version on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux. Try the Delivery Lite theme if you’re on the lookout for a lightweight theme that doesn’t skimp out on the features.

  • Added: Layouts – Sticky Header – an option to enable / disable
  • Multiple header, footer, and grid options, fonts, colors, sliders, and special effects
  • Commercial value
  • Attractive full-page slider
  • Browse to the location of the database file which you downloaded and click to select the file
  • WPForms – Best WordPress Form Plugin

It is a unique blogging theme with a responsive design that looks magnificent and displays all the content properly on any kind of device. Here we have compiled probably the most helpful and inclining free blogging themes that you can utilize on your website. You can completely customize your website configuration – when we host a WordPress site on Linode, why is wordpress so slow we like to put Nginx in front of Apache which gives us better performance. With our WordPress core files now in a subdirectory, it doesn’t really make sense to have the wp-content directory inside it. Now more obvious is “Google”.

A premium version is also available for purchase with additional layouts and features like WooCommerce support, customizable mega menu, custom preloaders, and many more. This theme provides six great and elegant blog layouts that you can choose the best one for your blogging content. The reasons for doing so, and why so many choose WordPress for their blogging platform is that this free software is easy to use, offers a variety of templates, and comes with a gargantuan of support.

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